Jeanne McCallum Architect



Antze Residence

Inspired by the rambling farm structures of Sonoma county the residence has become a collection of forms. Each form defines its own unique character and reflects the needs and personalities of the client.






Sonoma County


The project is a 2500 sq. ft. residence located in Sonoma County on a two acre parcel  with views to the east of the Sonoma Mountains. 

The house becomes a collection of forms inspired by the rambling farm structures that dot the Sonoma landscape.  The guest wing resembles a “chicken coop” .  The home office tower is reminiscent of
a  “water tower”.    

The central area (living, dining, & kitchen), the art (quilting) studio
and the master bedroom delineate
& frame the deck/ courtyard area. 
The eastern views are emphasized with large expansions of glass and
rolling barn-like glass doors.

The house is predominately
finished in stucco with surfaces of grass-like hues to visually merge with the landscape. In contrast,  the  office tower is clad in corrugated metal and the art studio is  clad in a quilt-like pattern of concrete block, brick & tile. 

1140 A Green Street • San Francisco, CA 94109 • 415.440.6507