Jeanne McCallum Architect



Lundberg Residence

The house is a predominately glass structure with a whimsical collage of windows that allows natural light to define the building. The playfull character is further enhanced by an entry wooden footbridge.




San Diego

The project is a 1024 sq. ft. new residence replacing an existing house lost in a fire.  It is located in  east San Diego County on a
sloping wooded site with western views towards downtown and the ocean.

The house sits lightly on the site
and nestles into the existing vegetation. A modest budget (dictated by the insurance policy)  led to the design of a utilitarian rectangular 16’ x 64’ structure.  Updated zoning revisions
required a greater front yard
setback than the original house thereby pushing the new structure onto the slope. This influenced a design decision to support the
house on wood posts & create an entry footbridge to visually
integrate with the wooded site.

At the front yard, remnants of the existing infrastructure remained:
a picket fence with gate, a cobble stone retaining wall, fragments
of a concrete patio & concrete
walk ways.  These elements are preserved and the rough edges
are left exposed. These existing elements become the fabric of the front yard landscape and serve as the passage way to the footbridge. The bridge intersects a concrete walkway as it gently overlays this existing fabric. 

A combination of corrugated
metal siding & stucco clads the exterior. The roof joists, roof ply & construction hardware  are
exposed, as are the 2 x 6 wood studs that support the glass skin;
a custom metal glass system. 
Within this skin, a collage of wood windows of varying shapes,
sizes & colors float as if in an  abstract painting. 

At the interior,  a basic shell
provides a container for the clients creative expressions.  The finishes are simple, the bathroom fixtures utilitarian,  the kitchen is  a collage
of elements assembled by the contractor from an assortment of used cabinets found by the client.

1140 A Green Street • San Francisco, CA 94109 • 415.440.6507