Jeanne McCallum Architect



Perlman Residence

This addition  consists of two new forms  that rotate to define an entry courtyard  that draws you into the house. Glass becomes the connecting element between the new and the existing structures allowing light to spill into the interior space.





Sonoma County

The project is a 462 sq. ft. addition
to an existing T-11 sided ranch house located in Sonoma County.   The initial program involved providing a new bedroom & bath
for the clients’ teenage daughter.  They had only one design request 
-  to add a non-box to an existing box.

The most logical location for the addition was in the front yard due
to side yard setback restrictions & the clients wish to preserve the existing indoor/outdoor
relationships at the rear yard. This decision influenced the original program which evolved to include the following:  remodeling the living room into a gallery space,  creating an alcove study tower as an extension of  the bedroom,  and creating an entry courtyard.

The existing house becomes a neutral backdrop as the new roof lines & building forms rotate to define a courtyard   and create a sense of movement in contrast to
the static form of the ranch.  The addition lightly touches the existing structure as all the transitional elements are glass, at both the 
roof & wall connections.

At the living room, the roof is
rotated at a 5% angle and is supported by an exposed steel beam and two posts, one located
in the living room defining the hall,  the other at the exterior visible through the east window. 
Clerestory windows provide light and link the new roof to the existing roof. The added ceiling height enables the clients to showcase large scaled paintings done  by
one of them (Mark, an art

At the bedroom,  the roof is supported by steel posts anchored
to a concrete block wall that stretches across the front facade.  This wall  extends beyond the bedroom to  define the entry courtyard.  The study alcove, a few steps above the bedroom level,  is perched on the wall and rotates another 5 degrees.  It is a small, mostly translucent glass enclosure   with the exception of  an operable window facing west and a glass
wall facing the courtyard.

1140 A Green Street • San Francisco, CA 94109 • 415.440.6507